New Leaf Landscape Management

Fertilization and Weed Control

The benefits of a green, healthy and more weed-free lawn are much more than just aesthetics. Let our licensed, commercial applicator give you a FREE evaluation and a no-obligation, healthy treatment plan.

New Leaf Landscape Management

South Carolina Commercial Pesticide
Applicators License #C0028944

Look for this yellow sticker—to ensure your landscape service has a professional license, has passed a South Carolina State Exam, maintains proper insurance, follows state guidelines, is subject to random inspections, and that you are being serviced by a green-industry professional.

The Many Benefits:

  • A FREE Lawn Evaluation
  • A Treatment Plan Customized to Your Lawn
  • New Green-Friendly Lawn Treatments
  • Expert Lawn Guidance
  • Advanced Solutions to Keep Your Lawn More Weed-Free
  • Seasonal Treatments Right When They’re Needed
  • Visible Results, Guaranteed
New Leaf Landscape Management

$ave Green, too…

$0 spent for expensive equipment
$0 spent for trips to garden center
$0 spent for books on lawn care
$0 lost in time spent doing it yourself

At New Leaf Landscape Management, we understand your lawn is where you escape, your children explore, and your pets play. Let our certified technicians make your lawn a greener, more weed-free and healthier place in which to live.

To schedule a custom evaluation and healthy treatment plan for your lawn, call: 843-225-5353